Code of Ethics

  • We shall be governed in all activities by integrity, professional standards and trust.
  • We will establish and adhere to a level of performance needed to best serve our Independent Contractor network.
  • We will be accountable for our actions by ascertaining that all members meet the same standards of performance regarding Independent Contractors and/or Allied Suppliers.
  • We will engage in a professional relationship with Allied Suppliers to strive to improve communications and profitability.
  • We agree to conduct business at all levels in a manner which commands respect from those whom they serve in their individual relationships with their Independent Contractor network as well as the general travel industry.
  • We will pledge loyalty to the organization and agree to work in harmony towards the pursuit of its goals and objectives.
  • We will help member colleagues reach personal and professional fulfillment wherever possible.
  • We will uphold the commitment made to this association and participate in an effective, dependable manner.
  • We will utilize every opportunity individually and jointly with the membership of PATH. to bring public awareness and enhance public image of the need for professional Travel guidance.


Download the Code of Ethics Enforcement Procedures (PDF File)