The Professional Association of Travel Hosts, Inc. (PATH) is the only travel industry association with a membership comprised of the leading top U.S. Host Agencies.

The concept of the Host Agency has grown significantly over the years flourishing into an array of business models that have confused what a Host Agency truly is. PATH was formed to establish Host Agency operating standards with strict enforcement among its qualifying Host Agency members. Travel agent professionals looking for the gold standard among host agencies should look no farther than from the list of PATH members.

What is PATH?

PATH is an all-encompassing, non-partisan corporation known as the Professional Association of Travel Hosts, Inc. PATH’s members are comprised of Host Agencies only.

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Defining a Host Agency.

These Hosts adhere to PATH’s Standards and form a network of professional Host Agencies that monitor best business practices and report adverse activities occurring within their sector of the travel industry. (Read More)

How to Choose a Host Agency?

Here are some of the ways or questions to ask in order to evaluate and eventually choose a Host Agency.

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