Definition of a PATH Host Agency


PATH, Professional Association of Travel Hosts, represents those Host Agencies that have met our Standards of Excellence and abide by our Professional Code of Ethics. These Hosts adhere to PATH’s Standards and form a network of professional Host Agencies that monitor best business practices and report adverse activities occurring within their sector of the travel industry.

Host Agencies are representative of many business models. However, each must possess certain criteria. PATH members meet, at a minimum, the following criteria:

  1. A travel company with ARC, IATA, CLIA, or TSI accreditation that allows its independent contractors to operate under their umbrella.
  2. Host Agency compensation models include commission splits, flat fees and/or invoice/transaction fees.
  3. Separates its Host Agency operation from its retail travel sales of unrelated products, physically or by name.
  4. Provides support to its affiliates in the areas of training, marketing and technology either “in-house” or via third party suppliers or consortia.
  5. Does not promote travel agent discounts and perks other than a simple listing of the agency’s benefits.
  6. Does not engage in multi-level marketing programs.
  7. Does not recruit referral agents as part of a program to reward or encourage referral agents to recruit other agents. A payment as a referral fee is excluded from this criteria.
  8. A Host Agency’s primary income is from the sale of travel.
  9. Hosts must have written agreements with their Independent Contractors defining the responsibilities of both parties.
  10. Must be legally licensed and bonded in all jurisdictions in which it does business.